The Alluring Alchemist

A Note From Liz 4/14/2018:

 Hello friends,

The Alluring Alchemist was founded with the intent to educate and empower consumers to recognize the effectiveness of simple ingredients and to provide an intimate knowledge of how they look, smell, feel, and work. I am so proud of how well received this has been and the incredible support. It’s confirmation to me that this is something people want help with and there is a gap in the market for this type of service.

Unfortunately, handling all the research, labor, and marketing on my own, along with running The Granola Goat has been stressful – which is why I suspended subscriptions in March. With the passing of my mother last week, it really makes me want to inventory my obligations and reorganize my priorities. I bet you can see where this is going….

I will no longer be maintaining inventory with The Alluring Alchemist, but I hope to circle back around to the knowledge and DIY aspect of what was begun here either in the future with The Alluring Alchemist, or possible as a part of The Granola Goat.

THANK YOU for all the support we’ve received since DAY 1.